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October 31, 2006
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Welcome to Elf Capture 101 Lesson 3

In the previous lesson "Slime Pit Trap", we learnt how to initiate small group captures by constructing simple slime pit traps. If you've already captured your first group of elf girls using the slime pit trap, congratulations you're well on your way to becoming a bona fide elf captor!

However, the slime pit trap, in addition to being labour intensive to construct, starts to loose its effectiveness after a while. Elf girls are very intelligent - they usually learn to avoid the slime pit trap setup after the 4th or 5th time they are captured using the same method (assuming they manage to escape - always make sure you keep your elf girls securely bound, gagged and heavily sedated when not in use!)

This lesson will demonstrate how to initiate direct mass capture for medium sized groups of elf girls.

You will need:
Large quantity of slime
Group of captive elf girls to train slime on (refer to previous lessons to catch a group of elf girls)
Lots of absorbent cloth
Lots of chloroform
2 teleportation spells (more if you need to scout ahead)

Follow these easy steps!
1. The first and most important step is discipline! You have to make sure the slime is very well trained for this technique to work successfully. In the previous lesson, the slime is given sufficient time to restrain and slowly fondle the elf girls until they pass out within the confines of the slime pit. This time however, the key is for the slime hands to subdue the girls as fast as possible using cloths soaked with chloroform. Train the slime hands to quickly locate the nose and mouths of elf girls, and firmly gag them with the chlorofom cloths. Use the elf girls you have captured in the previous session for this purpose. Do not neglect this step! It takes about 1 month to train the slime hands properly until they can perform this task quickly and efficiently.
2. Once you are satisfied with the progress, its time to do a field test! For this purpose, I used a cloak of invisibility and teleportation spells. Using my cloack of invisibility I located the local elf amazon barracks and observed their activities for a week. From my field study, I have observed that the elf girls in the barracks follow a regimented schedule, where they shower and go to bed promptly at 11pm. Usually by 11:30pm they will all be asleep. The best time to strike is around 11:45pm, when the elf girls are already unconscious, unarmed, and undressed.
3. Time to find out if the slime hands are sufficiently trained! Teleport all the slime hands into the barracks at 11:45pm and watch them go to work! If your slime hands are well trained, you should be able to successfully capture all the elf girls within the sleeping quarters by 12am! Here's a breakdown:

11:45 pm - Infiltration phase: slime hands teleported into sleeping quarters
11:47 pm - Coordination phase: Every slime hand is armed with a chloroform soaked cloth, positioned over the face of every sleeping elf girl. another pair of slime hands prepare to restrain the girl.
11:48 pm - strike! At your signal, simultaneously every girl finds herself securely bound by a pair of slime hands, while being gagged by a chloroform soaked cloth
11:48 pm - 11:58 Allow 10 minutes for the sleepy struggle to subside, as the last of the girls are drugged into submission.
11:59 pm - teleport all the new captives home
12am - Home by 12am!

If you don't succeed within 15minutes, you'll probably be dead, seeing as to how you're in the middle of an armed barracks. But if you do succeed, congratulations! After the first couple of times, you will be able to get the precision of the mass capture down to a science!
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The mass capture technique is now my new favorite. Using it could really affect my profit margins.
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I love the way all those slime hands chloroformed gagged the elf girls into submission and held/groped them at the same time! Really like the redheads at the top and bottom left!
LessRuth Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
eriepatrick Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
I love the arched backs,protuding breasts,the hands coming from nowhere ,the cloth enveloping their faces as well partly covered, the arms reaching back as well as gripping the slime arm. Looking at mass images like this puts
someone with a sleepy,chloroform female fetish into overload. The variety of imaged sleepy females being put to sleep is overwhelming. You just stare at it!
LessRuth Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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